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DisavowFiles Tools and Features for Crowdsourced Google Disavow Files

The crowdsourced database and tools from DisavowFiles give you greater intel to fight link spam and protect your websites from Google link penalties. This page lists the features available to members who sign up and help launch this service.

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Features that DisavowFiles Members Can Use

DisavowFiles lets webmasters and SEOs make better-informed decisions when creating their own Google disavow files, vetting sites, and more. Here are the top features for members.

Access Crowdsourced Data: Joining DisavowFiles enables you to upload your own Google disavow file into the database and then access tools and information available only to participating members. Each member contributing a little builds up a service that benefits all.

Research any Domain: The Domain Look-up tool lets you quickly check any web domain for basic disavow data. While the public version of this tool provides limited data, if you're a member you can use this tool to see:

  • How many times your site has been disavowed by others in the database
  • Number of external backlinks pointed at your domain
  • Number of referring domains pointed at your domain
  • Trust Flow measurement for your site
  • Citation Flow of your site
  • Alexa rank

Know When Your Site Has Been Disavowed: If any of your web pages appear in an uploaded Google disavow file, the system informs you. A Disavowed Pages report lets you see the specific page URLs that were disavowed. (Note: No identifying information can be provided about which site uploaded the disavow file. Per our Privacy Statement, participant data remains anonymous.)

Know Which Sites Linking to Yours Are Disavowed by Others: When a Google disavow file is uploaded, the system checks to see whether its disavowed links are found among your site's backlinks. The Disavowed Links report lets you access this list anytime. Knowing which backlinks have been disavowed by others lets you red-flag them for possible disavowal for your own site.

Link Data Is Included: One of the best features of DisavowFiles.com is that it obtains link data for your website at no extra charge. The system pulls the data via an API from Majestic, the most reliable source for backlinks. Proprietary tools and reports compare this information to DisavowFiles.com data to produce reports and alerts. The system refreshes your site's backlink data automatically every 30 days, so it stays current.

Get Email Alerts: Stay on top of new unwanted backlinks and disavowed pages on your site. Receive a periodic email notifying you when there are newly discovered:

  • Pages on your site that appear in other sites' disavow files, or
  • Backlinks to your site that have been disavowed by others.

Export Report Data: Not only can you view reports online, but you can also export them in CSV format. Pull the data insights you've gotten from the DisavowFiles.com shared database into Excel or another spreadsheet program for follow-up.

Set Up Unlimited Domains: If you operate multiple websites, you may add them all using just your one login. You upload each site's Google disavow file separately. The more, the merrier in a crowdsourced environment — and you'll have access to useful backlink and disavowal data specific to each domain.

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DisavowFiles.com FAQs — Frequently Asked Questions about Disavow Files and This Service

If you have questions, please read the information below or contact us directly.

  • Why is it free to join DisavowFiles.com?
  • Since a crowdsourced database is only as good as its data, free memberships for DisavowFiles enables us to gain the critical mass of disavow data that's required to gain insight into the search engines' disavow file black box. The DisavowFiles service as it is offered today is free. We reserve the right to offer additional features and upgrades for a fee.
  • Where does the backlink information come from?
  • We pull link data for each participating website from Majestic, whom we feel is the most reliable third-party provider of backlink data available today. DisavowFiles.com uses a Majestic API (application programming interface) to integrate link data into the tools and reports at no extra charge.
  • What information can I see about my backlinks?
  • You can see any external inbound linking sites that have been disavowed by others in the database. The full list of backlink data pulled from Majestic is not provided, but only those URLs that have been mentioned in any participating site's disavow file. This information can be exported in CSV format, as well, so you can track it in a spreadsheet for investigating and possibly disavowing those links.
  • How will I know if my outbound links have been disavowed by others?
  • When any participant's disavow file contains URLs from your domain, you will be able to see which of your web page URLs were disavowed. They are shown in the Disavowed Pages report and can be exported in CSV format. In addition, information about any new page disavowals is sent to you in a weekly alert email (see the description under Features listed above).
  • Do I have to submit a disavow file?
  • You can create a login without uploading a disavow file. However, until you upload a Google disavow file (in .txt format), you will not have access to the data on disavowed links or pages for your domain.
  • How can I see Google's disavow data?
  • No one can see Google's data at all! The only disavow data webmasters can view is their own, unless they join a co-operative such as this one. DisavowFiles collects many sites' disavow files and enables participants to extract useful data from this subset of websites.
  • Can anyone see which sites I've disavowed?
  • No. Disavow files uploaded to the site are immediately anonymized, with the source domain stored separately from the disavow data. One of the critical features of DisavowFiles is that participating sites are never named. (See the Privacy Statement for details.)
  • Can I cancel my membership?
  • Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. Your most recently uploaded disavow file will remain in the database until it is removed, per the Terms of Service.
  • Is the site secure?
  • Yes. DisavowFiles.com operates on a secure server (https) to protect participants' data.
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